Tales of a Successful Purchase

2013-10-08 19.19.38

My new computer. Suspiciously clean of fingerprints on the screen.

2013-10-09 12.48.24

The utterly fantastic birthday card I got from my mom (interestingly enough, on the same day as I got my computer). The insides reads “#3 is a family trait too.” I’m serious about my family’s skills!

Previously, I wrote a rather lengthy post about how my computer had kicked the bucket–a lamentable, though expected loss. Though I was a bit worried about buying a new computer (it’s a lot of money and it’s the middle of term), I managed to find one that I love. I am quite sure that it is the best deal on the market too–thriftyness cheapness is a trait–nay, a skill!–cultivated by Winnipeggers in general, and my family in specific.

After dishing out the dough, I am now the proud owner of an Asus S400CA. I got the super fast processor I wanted, and I have both a standard hard disk drive and a solid state drive. My operating system and programs are on the SSD, and my files and videos, etc are on the HDD–my computer boots in seconds! Speaking of operating systems, I have Windows 8. Despite my early fears, it isn’t actually that bad. This perception is likely aided by the bonus inclusion of a touch screen, and the fact that I don’t use much more than the Internet regularly. Windows 8.1, launching October 17, will bring back the start button and I am looking forward to that though. There’s no optical (CD/DVD) drive, but I didn’t really want one anyways. I paid another 40$ for one that attaches via USB for when I need it, but I haven’t had cause to use it. All of my games are in the cloud, and simply require an internet connection to install (I have a feeling that my portion of the internet usage in the house my be a bit more than my share this month).

2013-10-08 14.44.10

The USB optical drive I bought (and the computer’s box).

I have to say, I’m very impressed with my Asus computer. The price was excellent–about the same as the low range HP, Dell, or Acer offerings–but it has solid parts, and an aluminum body. My computer screen is not going to crack at the hinges and fall off, like one old Dell I used did! Plus–and this is a big plus, for set up–there was a minimum of bloatware on the computer. Bloatware is all of the extra programs included by the computer manufacturer that you look at and think ‘Hey I might use that!’ but never do. My old Sony had reams of the stuff. This Asus had maybe three programs (an Office 2013 demo, and two very, very minor other programs), and they were easy to identify and uninstall. I had allotted lots of time to familiarize myself with the new system, but it was very intuitive and I was done setting up within an hour or two. Everything was done, from Office to (ok, I’ll admit it) my games.

Ultimately, I’m pretty happy with my purchase!


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