Observations on Social Media Presence


When I first created my blog this past September, I thought that it would be a great idea to attach a few widgets to my account. Since this blog is purpose-created and is attempting to be professional, I decided to create a new Goodreads account to link to this page–not that I ever used my old one. Having it on my page has really helped to make me keep it up to date. For the moment, it’s really just a matter of collecting all of the books I want to read.

More importantly, I decided to link a new Twitter account, @MissSokal, where I tweet scintillating gems such as:

or (far more often) re-tweeting other people’s far more interesting observations:

I’m not the most consistent tweeter, since I’m far more likely to post my blather on Facebook. I have been getting better, and I try to (at minimum) re-tweet something every day or two, and post an original tweet to one of my populous 16 followers (8 of whom I am reasonably sure are bots). Everything I’ve heard indicates content, content, content is the key to creating a blogging or social media following. Also important is consistency. If you’re only going to post rarely, take a consistent schedule of once a week and try to stick to it. That said, you need to have something to say to the world. Herein lies my greatest flaw. I can talk up a storm in real life, but on the Internet, I’m far more of a lurker. I’ve followed one author’s blog since 2007, for example. She’s gone through three platforms and started her own online small press with her sister (also the chief editor) and her friend (who is also an author I follow) what feels like recently but has actually already been over two years ago. In all of that time, I’ve commented on her posts twice, and one time was about the weather.

Bit of a nipper out there, eh? (As it turns out, I wasn't alive for this)

Bit of a nipper out there, eh? (As it turns out, I wasn’t alive for this)

So, I’m still a fledgeling at social media. I doubt I’ll ever become a professional blogger, but for the moment, I’m working on it. I’ve started a monster project about e-readers that will be posted eventually (homework first, of course). It started out small but for the sake of thoroughness has grown to include e-reader devices, iOS apps, and Android apps. I’m only about halfway through the first bit, but you can expect that to be posted…eventually. I’m far more active on Twitter.

I'm reviewing the Kindle four different times. Four. That's why it's taking so long.

I’m reviewing the Kindle four different times. Four. That’s why it’s taking so long.

I will not be attaching my Facebook profile to this blog in any way. My friends have awful senses of humour, and while I might find the jokes funny, they are not suited to a professional blog (or to the world at large, I like to keep my information locked down as much as possible.

This is what was off. It took me a month to figure this out. I didn't feel very smart when I realised what was wrong...

This is what was off. It took me a month to figure this out. I didn’t feel very smart when I realised what was wrong…

Finally, a note about the Twitter widget. If the space meant for it just has a space reading ‘My Tweets’ in a font that looks like a link but isn’t, and it was working until the middle of October or so, I have solution for you (or at least one more thing for you to try). Mid-October was a trying time for me, in terms of computers. My old laptop’s screen died, I had to get a new one, which meant getting Windows 8 (I got a very good deal on a touchscreen computer, so it really isn’t that bad. I also have it working almost exactly like Windows 7, but that’s another story), a week after I got it, Windows updated to version 8.1 and here’s the important part, AVAST antivirus updated to their 2014 version. Normally this would be a minor change. Not so this time. AVAST did a major overhaul and several bits of my computer that had been working before just…stopped. My twitter widget was one of them. It drove me mad. I uninstalled it then reinstalled it probably 4 or 5 times (unfortunately, that’s the only advice people are giving on the forums. ‘You must have done it wrong’), but it still wasn’t working. I even changed my blog theme, hoping it was a compatibility issue (it wasn’t). Then I saw the green ‘a’ in the corner of my browser. Recognising it as AVAST, but mildly curious about it, I clicked on it. A sidebar opened, and discovered I had 4 options, one of which turned off social media linking. I clicked on it, and like magic, everything that I had been wrestling with started working again. Success!


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