Children’s Lit Reading Responses – #2

From May 21:
Diary of a Wimpy Kid
I can’t say that I enjoyed this book. Similar to Diary of a Part-Time Indian, which I read in YA Materials last term, it strives to get into the head of a boy of the intended age. I just found the protagonist to be an awful little boy who often decided to do the wrong thing and was rewarded for it.

The Hundred Dresses
In contrast, the little girl for The Hundred Dresses did learn her lesson. She regretted her inaction and decided, based on that experience, to become a better person. I find that I enjoy books with happy endings far more than the opposite, and in this case, the girl strove to be good and so it was a good ending. (The contrast of reading this book first, then going onto the Diary of a Wimpy Kid was a bit jarring, likely highlighting the lack of repentance in the second book).

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