About Me

(c) MissSokal. Published in 1902 or 1903. Found this in the museum where I was working Summer 2013. I was a fascinating (and sometimes hilarious) read!

(c) MissSokal. Published in 1902 or 1903. Found this in the museum where I was working Summer 2013. I was a fascinating (and sometimes hilarious) read!

Welcome! Bienvenue!

Want to learn something about Miss Sokal?

I’m a 20-something Masters of Library and Information Sciences student at Western University.

I’m very interested in special libraries like museums and archives. I am hoping to be able to take a class about how e-books are handled by libraries later in my degree.

I also love working with kids. I was lucky enough to work in an elementary school for six months a few years ago, and it was incredibly rewarding. I decided that working with children would be great, but that I did not want to be in a classroom.

I am a fan of the Winnipeg Jets. I’m beginning to really understand the rules of NHL hockey, but I’m a bit of a beginner–I watched my sisters’ ringette games as a child, but never bothered with the rules for hockey. Ever since the Jets came back though, I’ve had a strong motivation to learn…

I chose my user name and blog name based on my great experience working in a kindergarten a few years ago.

When I was in the third grade, my mom would drive by my school during recess. If I was huddled next to the school reading a book instead of playing, I would get in trouble when I got home. My fascination with books started early!

I never dog-ear my books. Ever. I actually have a substantial collection of bookmarks.

I rarely use my bookmarks. I’ve been reading mostly e-books lately (and lots of fanfiction, I’ll be honest).

Je suis fluent en français. J’ai étudié en immersion jusqu’à la fin de ma huitième année, mais j’ai dû changer à une école anglophone pour finir mon éducation. Après secondaire, la majorité de mon travail était en français alors je n’ai jamais perdue mon français. Quand même, je n’avais aucune raison d’écrire écrire en français pendant des années. Je suis beaucoup mieux à parler. (Translation: I speak French!)

My favourite colour is purple. It was not a factor in my choice of universities (but it’s definitely a bonus!).

I’ve never run into anyone outside of my family with my last name, but it’s apparently very common in Ukraine! (I have never been to Sokal, Ukraine, nor do I know anyone there.)

Ultimately, I hope to use this blog to engage with a variety of topics, especially regarding libraries. Keep an eye on my Twitter feed, because I tweet far more often than I post!


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