On Teens and Sex and Sexuality


I really enjoy a good romance novel. Hand me a Harlequin romance novel and I’ll never admit to reading it, but I will, and I will have enjoyed it. That said, when it comes to teens, the topics of sex and sexuality can be¬†difficult to discuss. Often it seems that as a society, we waver between sheltering our teens from things we think they aren’t old enough for and making sure that they know enough to be prepared for what they might do or encounter out in the world.

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Here’s a petition that was brought up in class


Here’s a petition that was brought up in class

Canadian Government: Don’t ruin live music with $425.00 charge per international artist per performance in Canada – Sign the Petition!

Dr D’Alton was talking about this in class on Wednesday–interesting to see a petition about it pop up in my email today!