News: An overview of upcoming posts!


This term, instead of taking YA Materials (that term, and therefore that class, is over), I’m taking Reader’s Advisory and Materials for Older Children. As part of my Materials for Older Children class, I have to read two books per week and e-mail the prof with a short, 2-3 line response to each book (to prove I’ve read them, I suppose?). So far I’ve read a few absolutely fantastic books, and one dud (mostly because I hadn’t been aware that it was a sequel until I started the book, and then it took me long enough to get what was going on that I had lost any fascination with the book that I’d started with). I’ll be posting my (short) responses to the books, plus a reading map (hosted on a separate blog) to this blog, as I am hoping that I’ll be able to sustain this blog.

See you soon!


The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian


Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian COverI liked the sheer honesty of Alexie’s writing. Arnold Spirit (Junior) is in for a bad year, a year that starts when he decides to switch from his reservation’s high school to the all-white high school in the nearby town, a move that means that he has taken a step towards a future off rez. To the rez, he becomes a traitor. To the white high school, he’s the odd man out.  Continue reading



Ash Cover

This was exactly the fairytale I wanted. I had never read Ash before, but after finishing Sabriel, this was the perfect follow-up. Lo’s prose makes the story seem like a dream; unlike other books, it is difficult to predict what might happen next because the entire experience feels like floating on a river, going wherever the current takes you.  Continue reading




Sabriel Book CoverI first picked up Sabriel and its sequel Lirael at a conference in Victoria, BC at the age of twelve. My mother knew me so well–I ran out of books during my one week trip and I was allowed to buy them at the bookstore on the campus where I was staying. I bought the final book in the series, Abhorsen, when it was released in paperback. My copy of Sabriel is rather worn.

Continue reading