On Teens and Sex and Sexuality


I really enjoy a good romance novel. Hand me a Harlequin romance novel and I’ll never admit to reading it, but I will, and I will have enjoyed it. That said, when it comes to teens, the topics of sex and sexuality can be¬†difficult to discuss. Often it seems that as a society, we waver between sheltering our teens from things we think they aren’t old enough for and making sure that they know enough to be prepared for what they might do or encounter out in the world.

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Over the last few days, the hashtag #TFiOS has become very popular on Twitter. The full spelled-out version has been a trending topic on Facebook too: The Fault in Our Stars.

The aftermath of reading The Fault in Our Stars

The aftermath of reading The Fault in Our Stars.

The reason for the sudden upswing of popularity is, of course, the release of the trailer for the upcoming movie–an achievement for a book that hasn’t even been released in paperback yet. (As a comical aside, John Green proudly announced on his Tumblr page that he’d posted the first comment on the video as soon as it had gone up.)

The experience of reading The Fault in Our Stars defies words. Like any truly exceptional novel, the ending comes like a punch in the gut. It is sudden, it is abrupt, and to some degree, you could see it coming. Flipping the last page allows you to breathe again. Continue reading

Observations on Social Media Presence


When I first created my blog this past September, I thought that it would be a great idea to attach a few widgets to my account. Since this blog is purpose-created and is attempting to be professional, I decided to create a new Goodreads account to link to this page–not that I ever used my old one. Having it on my page has really helped to make me keep it up to date. For the moment, it’s really just a matter of collecting all of the books I want to read.

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